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mount redoubt

MOUNt redoubt

mount redoubtElevation: 10,197 feet (3,108m), 
Coordinates: 60° 29' 07" 152° 44' 35"W 
Type: Stratovolcano
Age of rock: 890,000 years 

Mount Redoubt, or Redoubt Volcano, is an active volcano and is the highest peak in the Aleutian Range in Alaska. It is located in the Chigmit Mountains (a subrange of the Aleutians), west of Cook Inlet, about 180 km (110 miles) southwest of Anchorage, Alaska.

Mt. Redoubt erupted in 1902, 1966, 1989 and most recently in 2009. The eruption in 1989 spewed volcanic ash to a height of 14,000 m (45,000 ft) and managed to catch KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flight 867 (a Boeing 747 aircraft) in its plume. Luckily, the flight was not harmed and landed safely in Anchorage. The ash covered an area of about 20,000 km² (7,700 sq. miles).

The 2009 eruption of Redoubt volcano began March 15th, 2009 with a steam explosion. Between March 22nd and April 4th, Redoubt produced multiple significant explosions that sent ash and gas clouds to as high as 65,000 feet above sea level. After April 4th, the eruption continued with extrusion of a lava dome within the summit crater, eventually producing a blocky lava flow that currently extends .6 miles (1 km) down the north flank of the volcano. On clear days, 2009 guests at Redoubt Mtn. Lodge could see Redoubt Volcano emitting steam.

Mt Redoubt is not a particularly steep peak, but it is a massive mountain: it rises 9,000 feet (2,700 m) above the surrounding valleys to the north, south, and southeast in little over 5 miles (8 km).