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bear viewing

Bear Viewing

To put it plainly, if you are in search of incredible Bear Viewing Redoubt Mountain Lodge is the place to go. The parkland surrounding the lodge is home to Alaskan Brown & Black Bears and is regarded as some of the best Bear Viewing in the state.

Watch these amazing animals in their natural habitat, feasting on spawning salmon & tending to their cubs.

Alaska contains more than 98 percent of the US population of Brown Bears. The term “brown bear” is commonly used to refer to the members of this species found in coastal areas where salmon is the primary food source. Brown bears found inland and in northern habitats are often called “grizzlies.”

Redoubt Mountain Lodge prides itself on providing a phenomenal bear viewing experience for each guest. Our bear viewing is done primarily from the safety of a boat allowing us to cover a wide area and view numerous bears throughout a single day. Rest assured you will be viewing these bears up close.

For our photographer enthusiasts, we utilize a flat bottom river boat which is ideal for setting up a tripod and quietly accessing some very shallow water areas to capture the bears feeding. This boat has proved to be ideal for catering to our photography workshop guests! Fully covered pontoon boats are also available to keep your equipment dry when that weather is less than perfect!

In addition to motorized boats, RML has a fleet of single and double person kayaks available to paddle along the lake shore viewing bears and wildlife. Nothing but the sounds of your paddle breaking the water & waterfalls in the distance, this is a MUST DO at RML!

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