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Meet Our STaff

The staff at Redoubt Mountain Lodge have been recognized as some of the most knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiastic in the business. All of our guides are accomplished fisherman, naturalists, instructors and boatmen that are CPR & First Aid certified complimented by a few Wilderness First Responders. 

Our goal at RML is to provide you with a safe and informative guided experience that is tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. A successful trip should include an excitement to experience the day from the moment you wake up all the way to sharing the day’s adventures around the bonfire. This happens by friendly faces greeting you throughout the day, a close attention to detail and a desire to make each and every guest's stay unique. 

Each staff member at Redoubt Mountain Lodge strives to deliver a level of customer service far exceeding the rest. Aside from the wonderful scenery, phenomenal fishing, abundance of bear & wildlife and numerous activities, guests at Redoubt Mountain Lodge are guaranteed a high level of personal attention.


Ryan Richards - Lodge Manager/Guide

Ryan Richards grew up on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state. With a wealth of outdoor activities it was only natural for a passion to develop early in life. Throughout his college days, Ryan spent most of his time at the outdoor program serving as a rafting guide on rivers in Washington, Idaho and Montana. Upon receiving his degree in 2004, Ryan came to Redoubt and has been hooked ever since. When not at Redoubt, Ryan spends most of his time flying throughout the “bush” of Alaska, fishing all waters & remodeling something. Ryan claims Redoubt as his true home and says, “Once I convince Heather we will remain at RML year round.


Heather Richards - Lodge Manager/Cook

Heather was born in Boise, Idaho and has grown up in the Western United States. Her love of the outdoors started at a young age whitewater rafting with her father. Heather has spent her employable years within the service industry; including restaurant, retail and yachting. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. Whether it’s a delicious meal or her enjoyable company, Heather strives to make Redoubt a “home away from home” for each guest.


Sasha Zebb - Lodge Chef

Sasha Zebb has developed a life with a passion for nature, adventure and culinary perfection. Growing up in Northern California and graduating with a psychology degree from The University of Colorado at Boulder she found the importance of incorporating the outdoors into every aspect of her life. On her free time you will find her splitboarding in the backcountry, fly fishing, jamming on her guitar or creating magic in the kitchen.


Mike Richards - Wilderness/Naturalist & Bear Guide

Mike returns to Redoubt for his third season as a bear & wildlife guide bringing with him a lifetime of outdoor recreation & travel. It's a toss up weather he spends more time golfing or guiding, but one thing is certain he knows the bears of Lake Clark National Park better than the bunkers at Pebble Beach. His relationship and understanding of the Alaskan wilderness will create an unforgettable day.


John Greenfield - Lead Fishing/Wilderness guide

After receiving his degree from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he decided to spend a winter season in New Zealand. One season turned into 9 years, where he discovered a passion for fly-fishing in the backcountry rivers and lakes of the South Island. His passion turned into his vocation; guiding and teaching anglers the skills necessary to catch fish in this world-renowned area. When not guiding, John enjoys traveling, snowboarding and basically everything outdoors.

Clark Hildebrand – Wilderness/Bear & Naturalist Guide (Lodge Mason)

Arguably the most enjoyable person on the planet, Clark returns to RML for his 4th season. An avid white water enthusiast, when not at the lodge Clark can be found descending the numerous rivers of Idaho & Oregon with his faithful lab “Cody”. 

Although serving as a mason for many years the allure of Alaska was too much to deny and Clark decided to hang up his trowel and join the RML family. Whether you spend a day on the water or a story around the bonfire, Clark's magnetism will draw you in.

Jessica Gable - Wilderness/Naturalist & Bear Guide (Lodge Artist)

Jessica was born in Alaska and grew up on the hillside overlooking Anchorage. From an early age she developed a passion for the great outdoors and all the wild creatures inhabiting it. Knowing her life had to revolve around wildlife, she earned her degree in Biology and set out to work on various wildlife research projects across the lower 48. Despite her nomadic tendencies, the pull of Alaska is far too strong. Jessica returns for her fourth season at RML. Aside from being an entertaining and knowledgeable guide, “Gable” is also Redoubt’s resident artist. You can find her creations on display throughout the property, as well as in the Bear Den Gift Shop!


Matt Ford - Lead Fishing/Wilderness Guide

Matt Ford was born in Chesapeake, VA and grew up along Virginia’s scenic coast. From a very young age Ford developed a deep seeded passion for the environment, as well a strong focus on preserving it for future generations. He spent much time fishing the Chesapeake’s rich inlets. Matt’s love for the outdoors blossomed whilst attending Virginia Tech. Despite more time fly-fishing the New River than in the classroom, Matt obtained his B.S. in Fisheries Conservation. His cheerful demeanor, witty jokes and love for life will surely brighten the day of any RML guest.


Keegan Kliman – Lead Fishing/Wilderness Guide

Keegan grew up in Northern California, and spent much of his time as a child fishing and exploring the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, which fueled his passion for nature and the outdoors. When he is not at Redoubt Mountain Lodge, you can find him chasing high elevation trout throughout the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains, or climbing and skiing mountains across the western US.


Savannah Mellon - Lead Hospitality Specialist

Savannah is a southern belle from Birmingham, Alabama. She studied Biology and Environmental Sciences at University of Alabama at Birmingham. She spends her winters in the jungles of Central and South America. Her most recent adventure lead her to Mexico to research howler monkeys. Her years of customer service based employment, passion for animals, love of the environment and great sense of humor make her the perfect lead hospitality specialist for RML!


Alex Brede – Fishing/Wilderness Guide

Originally from Northern Michigan, Alex headed west to attend Montana State University in Bozeman. It was there he caught the fly-fishing bug, and explored the many mountains, rivers, and alpine lakes. After graduating with a degree in Construction Engineering Technology, Alex moved to Oregon, where he fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and all the fish it has to offer. In his spare time you'll find him traveling, surfing, and playing his ukulele.


John Brookover - Fishing/Wilderness Guide

John was born and raised in Boise, ID. He spent his youth adamantly trying to keep up with his older brother. His family spent almost all weekends in the mountains and on the water. John's knack with angles and persistent mindset earned him a soccer scholarship and mathematics degree. When that was all said and done, John needed a new focus that suited his talents. That is when he fell in love with fly-fishing, under the tutelage of his uncle, and he hasn't looked back. When John is not at Redoubt, he is working on commissioned artwork, crafting/building or searching for unspoiled waters to fish.


Evan Wilcox - Fishing & Wilderness Guide

Evan was raised in the Santa Cruz mountains of California where he developed a love for fishing and the outdoors. He's constantly searching for the next opportunity to find wild fish in both the Santa Cruz and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and he doesn't mind a short hike to get there. While attending school with the idea of becoming a park ranger, the draw of the Alaska wilderness became too strong to deny. When he's not at the lodge he enjoys fishing, fly tying, backpacking, four wheeling and motorcycle riding.


Harris Buddig - Fishing/Wilderness Guide

Harris was born and raised in Wisconsin where his passion for the outdoors & fishing sprouted. While attending University of Colorado(Integrative Physiology & Entrepreneurship), he developed his skills as a guide on the front range rivers. After college, he went on to pursue a career with Patagonia in Reno, Nevada. Now in the Sierras, you can find Harris skiing, mountain biking, and exploring the great basin.


K'eyush Richards - Lodge Security

K’eyush is a pure bred Siberian Husky. She is a work dog that enjoys pulling around most anything. At a young age, K’eyush began showing dislike for (stuffed animal) bears, making her a natural “Lodge Security”. Guests should expect to be greeted by K’eyush as they get off the floatplane. K’eyush loves performing “tricks for treats”, playing tug-o-war and tag. Born September 3rd, 2007 this is her 9th season at Redoubt Mountain Lodge.


Charlie Richards - Lodge Security (in training)

With increasing Bear populations around Crescent Lake, additional security is required. Charlie returns to RML for his 5th season as our youngest staff member. His is a pure bred Siberian Husky & a true brother of K'eyush (from the same breeding dam & sire). Under the watchful eye & rigorous training of K'eyush, we look forward to Charlie in action!