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Photography options abound in the Crescent River Valley within Lake Clark National Park! This area supports a very healthy and abundant brown bear population along with many other species and majestic landscape. Lake Clark National Park is only accessible by air.

Furthermore, Redoubt Mountain Lodge is the only lodge on the lake, providing guests with that intimate experience of just you, your guide and the bear. In an effort to provide guests with in-depth professional photography instruction, once a season RML partners with one of Alaska's best nature photographers.

"My 'once in a lifetime' trip to Alaska has turned into 3 consecutive trips to Alaska and that is all due to the photo opportunities I experienced at Redoubt Mountain Lodge.  

I never would have imagined I could get so close to not only a grizzly but a grizzly sow and her cubs.  It has been amazing to return to the Lodge and see the same grizzly bears each year or to see the cub that is now grown and on his own.  You actually feel a connection with the bears that leaves a lasting impression. People would not believe the view I had outside my cabin if it wasn’t for the beautiful pictures I have taken.

Redoubt will always be my favorite bear photo getaway, not only because of the bears but the people.  Heather and Ryan treat you like family and the guides become your friends. The guides know just where to go for the bears and put you in the best position for your photo opportunity." 

Michael P. Waller 

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Recommended items for photographers 

Here's a few suggestions to help you prepare for your upcoming Redoubt Mountain Lodge adventure. While we all don't have the luxury of owning a super-telephoto lens of 500mm or greater, that's not a problem at Redoubt Mountain Lodge. The guides will get you within range to get the best shots. Here's a packing list to maximize your photographic flexibility while experiencing RML and Lake Clark National Park.

• SLR Camera body, 2 if you have an extra.
• If you have a super-telephoto nothing larger than 500mm, you'll miss too many shots because you're just too close!
• A 1.4 tele-convertor, a 2x will eat too much light.
• The best overall lens for the bears will be a 100-400mm for Canon or a 200-400mm for Nikon. A good substitute if you don't have either of these is something in the 75-300mm zoom range.
• Wide angle zoom lens
• Macro lens and extension tubes
• Sturdy tripod w/ball or gimbal-style head
• Rain gear for your camera and lenses. In a pinch trash bags work.
• Gear bag, backpack style work well
• Flash or SD memory cards• 

While a flash can be handy, I don't recommend using a flash on wildlife as fur absorbs light and can make the shot look unnatural. Don't forget your laptop or some other device to download your images onto and a passport style hard drive to backup your images....accidents do happen! While the list is not perfect nor do you need to have everything on it, if I had but one lens, I'd be carrying a mid-range zoom between 75mm and 400mm and a good tripod for increased stability.

Nick Fucci
Outdoor & Nature Photography 

Photography Tips

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