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Guest Testimonials

“I’ve enjoyed the privilege of playing golf at Pebble Beach, hunting elk in Colorado, and drinking beer at the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Fishing at Redoubt Mountain Lodge was more fun.“ 
-Jim Musgove

“Excellence in a Pristine Alaskan Paradise–I have been very fortunate in being able to visit RML for several years. Each trip is as exciting as the very first; each day is an amazing, incredibly memorable adventure! The float plane ride in is an amazing event in itself – providing a fantastic ride and an indescribable view of the most unique, beautiful scenery to be found anywhere in North America. The scenery is also just as awe inspiring from the ground – a camera is a must for this adventure of a lifetime. Fishing and bear viewing are fantastic and every bit as exciting as anything that Alaska has to offer. Each of the many activities are superb adventures in themselves. The staff and the lodging are continuously fantastic! Each visit leaves one feeling that they are staying with very caring family. The food has always been a culinary treat! I highly recommend RML for outstanding memories of an Alaskan Adventure.”
-Chuck F.

“My name is Eric Kiersh & I’m writing this with the hope that whoever is trying to decide whether or not to try a trip to RML might consider taking advice from someone who has been there eight times. I can’t say the weather has always been perfect but that’s Alaska, but I can say with help from the Bears to view, the Bald Eagles to watch and the fantastic fishing experience you will have (regardless of your expertise due to the professional guides and support personnel that Ryan and Heather have so carefully chosen), you will regret having to get on the float plane to leave. I have enjoyed my visits because of all the above but most of all because of the Hospitality shown to me as well as my entire family by Heather and Ryan. They have created a monster, I will be back at least once a year if not twice as long as I can! I will close just saying and I think it speaks volumes, I have met people at RML from all over the world who have traveled all over the world and on more than one occasion, heard it said ‘I’ve never been anywhere I enjoyed more.’ My response……….DITTO!!!” 
-Eric Kiersh

“What a great time! The fishing was just a bonus to the scenery. Leaving with wonderful memories.”
-Mitch Tervort

“I cannot express how impressed I was with the Redoubt staff. As a professional banker for the past 25 years, I rarely get an opportunity to rave about the service at all levels of an organization, but I will in this case. Ryan and Heather are running a first class operation at RML. The food was superb, the lodge and cabins were clean and neat, the service impeccable, and the hospitality was warm and inviting. From the minute I started the booking process, until we climbed aboard the floatplane to go back to Anchorage, we were warmly welcomed and happily served. We spent our days and evenings with the guides and other guests, and I can’t remember the last time I laughed and enjoyed myself so much. My nephew, who traveled with me on this trip, was as relaxed and comfortable as I have ever seen him, which is largely due to the way the RML staff treated him. We had so much fun there, I think the fishing took a back seat in our minds!”
-Steven Rife

“Fantastic time, silvers on the fly, gourmet dinners. Add to it great people & priceless scenery…who wants to ever leave?!”
-Steve Wagner

“After a long journey back to Toronto we all parted our ways! On the trip back we spoke over and over again about the experience we had of a lifetime. This was only made possible by your care and attention to making things special for people like us. You all put the gold lining in our experience. We all want to thank you for everything you did during our stay. Everything was special. My belief in enjoying the most in life is “Not what you do…but how you do it. “ And to that note you and the Redoubt team did it well, over and over again! A sincere thank you again from all of us.”
-The Duncan Stealheaders

“The trip we had up there was just fantastic! Out of the 16 years I have been fishing Alaska, this had to be the best.”
-Will Stagg

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