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spey fishing

Spey Casting

Spey Casting at RML

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Redoubt Mountain Lodge is the perfect place to learn how to Spey cast. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced Spey caster, our knowledgeable guides will help you get started or refine your cast.

When fly fishing for salmon at Redoubt Mountain Lodge it is all about getting your fly in front of the fish. Using one of our Spey setups is the most efficient way of presenting a large fly at the proper depth to persuade a salmon to bite.

What is Spey Casting?

spey castingSpey Fishing was invented on the Spey River in Scotland in the 18th century. Anglers chasing Atlantic salmon needed a way to make long casts in places where there was little or no room for a back cast. They achieved this by using long, two-handed rods (14-18ft) with very long fly lines (80-100ft) and Spey fishing was born.

This style of Spey fishing with extremely long rods and long fly lines remained the standard until the 1990’s when a group of inventive steelhead anglers on Washington’s Skagit River adapted this style to better fit their specific needs. “Skagit” style Spey casting uses much shorter rods (11-14ft) and shorter lines called “shooting heads”. These shorter, more powerful rods used with the short, heavy Skagit shooting heads allow the angler to make long casts with minimal physical excursion and little-to-no room for a back cast. These Skagit style setups are the perfect weapon when fishing for salmon and steelhead as they can cast a heavy sink tip and a large fly with ease.

Guide Advice 

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