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trout fishing

Trout Fishing

troutArctic Char

Arctic Char in spawning colors are arguably the most gorgeous fish found in fresh water. Beautifully colored with bright spots and highlights ranging from green, gold, yellow, orange and red. These fish are voracious feeders and can be targeted on spinning, casting and fly rods. Char fishing at Redoubt Mountain Lodge is very productive throughout the entire season. Late July through August provides exceptional Char fishing due to a feeding frenzy that ensues caused by spawning Sockeye & Pink Salmon.

troutDolly Varden

One of if not, the most fascinating fish found in both fresh and salt water. Dolly Varden will stun you with their willingness to bite just about anything put in front of them. Although very similar in appearance to that of an Arctic Char, Dolly Varden are a distinctly different fish in their life history and migratory patterns. Having spent a portion of their lives in the salt water these fish can take on Salmon characteristics and behavior. Dolly Varden experience a dramatic transformation during their spawning process leaving angler’s with colorful fish rivaling the Charles Dickinson character of its namesake. Dolly Varden fishing at RML is awesome throughout the entire season.

Lake Trout

One of most gluttonous and predatory of fresh water species, Lake Trout will not only provide a great fight but also a memorable picture. Beginning in late June through early August these fish can be found near the surface pursuing Salmon smolt. Clouser minnows and colorful articulated flies are the patterns of choice when targeting these fish. When tying a fly for a Laker, just remember “the more ridiculous the better.” Lake Trout at RML have been caught in the 20lb range.