This year, the Sockeye, also known as Reds, are rolling all over each other at Crescent Lake. They have returned to their traditional spots, as well as moved to new locations on the river to spawn. The plethora of salmon have made many a guest happy, including Brannon Napoleon Riddle. At age 83, he is still one of the best Sockeye fisherman this lodge has ever seen; bringing in limits of chrome bright fish in record time. Guests like die-hard fisherman, Brannon, spend the morning fishing to their hearts content, to return to the lodge for a wonderful home cooked lunch and then get right back on the boat for another round.

Whether your interest is battling with robust Sockeye, or developing your techniques with fly fishing on our plentiful Dolly Varden and lake trout; Redoubt offers a multitude of fishing experiences for all. Our waters beckon the seasoned fisherman and those who want to be taught by the best; our guides are here to make your trip exactly what you want it to be. The Kronshage family of Texas spent the morning catching Reds, and finished off the afternoon with each of the seven family members landing a King Salmon of epic proportions. Posing with a giant King, or Chinook Salmon, is quite a highlight and wonderful story to take home to friends and family. With the pictures to prove it, of course!

This year the lodge has also added new hikes created personally for our guests. The Bithell Family being the first to venture to our newest waterfall hike. With the high snow peaks melting, the fresh clear water runs fast to form beautiful waterfalls surrounding the area, inviting the adventurous to hike up and take pictures worthy of a professional postcard. There is also a new hike to the snow bowl that can be easily viewed from the Lodge’s large picture windows, or from your very own cabin. The enticingly smooth white scoop cradled in ragged peaks of the mountains beckons you to get a closer look firsthand. The hikes vary from intermediate to challenging, depending on one’s personal preference.

One of the best parts about Redoubt Mountain Lodge is the bear viewing. With the Sockeye piling in, the bears come a’calling after their long winter naps. When out on the water with one of our guides, you can hear stories about our “regulars”, see them frolic and take photos without even needing the zoom on your camera. The bear viewing experience at Redoubt Mountain is unique and wonderful. The bears are many and constantly in view as they try to fatten themselves up with the bounty of fish spawning at the shores. See a mama bear teach her baby how to eat on its own. A one year cub just bigger than an oversized teddy bear batting playfully at the fish makes for a great Alaskan experience, and one heck of a story.

This season is already flying by, guests doing everything from fishing and kayaking to hiking and relaxing. A micro beer on tap and the cedar plank hot tub are an excellent way to end the day after battling salmon on the river. The experience at Redoubt Mountain Lodge is one of a kind; we await our new visitors and welcome back our old friends.

A sow and her cub nap after a fish lunch

A nice bright Sockeye Salmon

A waterfall from one of our new hikes

Sow with cubs waiting for fish to arrive

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