Redoubt Mountain Lodge does not compromise when it comes to staff. Ensuring each guest receives a high level of personal attention is the commitment we make to you. Each member of the Redoubt Mountain Lodge team brings with them a passion to make each guest’s experience one they will never forget. Please enjoy this introduction to our talented staff. For additional information & pictures of each staff member, please check out our Staff page.

Ryan & Heather Richards: As lodge managers there are very few chores that Ryan & Heather do not tend to. But above all is their dedication to providing an unforgettable Alaskan Adventure. With years of experience in the executive service industry, Ryan & Heather go to great lengths to put the silver-lining on every stay.

Andrew Sells: A fourth-year veteran at Redoubt Mountain Lodge, Andrew serves as Head Guide. Andrew’s abilities are limitless, but his specializes in ’changing lives’. For those who have never met Andrew, rest assured his charisma is magnetic. We feel very privileged to have Andrew leading the Redoubt Mountain Lodge guides.

Josh Smith: Josh returns to Redoubt Mountain Lodge as not only a fishing & wilderness guide but also as Head Casting Instructor. If you have ever wanted to learn to fly cast or simply improve, Josh is a professor in the school of fly fishing. Good fisherman will imitate him, experts will respect him and all will enjoy their time with him

Danielle Hildebrand: Ensuring our guests have everything they need at RML, Danielle provides the ultimate customer service. Danielle is a specialist when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere. After a long days work it is not uncommon for Danielle to serenade guests on her guitar around the bonfire. Redoubt Mountain Lodge is proud to have Danielle returning for her 2nd season.

Adam Bernero: Back by popular demand, Adam brings with him a wealth of life experiences. An avid traveler, there are very few places he hasn’t caught fish or taken photos. As a former professional baseball player, Adam keeps his glove close by…in case guests want to play catch with a big leaguer. RML is fortunate to have Adam on our team.

Jess Dancer: To say Jess is thrilled to be a guide at Redoubt Mountain Lodge would be a understatement. Jess has the knowledge and talent to teach everything needed to know for an unforgettable experience in Lake Clark National Park. Redoubt Mountain Lodge welcomes Jess as an exciting part of our admired collection of guides.

K’eyush: She is an extraordinary security system working for a few treats and a belly rub. Serving her fourth season at RML, K’eyush has been chasing bears since she was a pup. Whether greeting guests upon arrival or joining guests for a hike, she’s always on patrol.

To learn more about each staff member, please click HERE.

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