It’s that time to introduce you to our 2012 staff. Although we may not be able to guarantee the hours of sunshine, temperature or chance of rain during your Alaskan Adventure, what we can guarantee is the exceptional customer service you will receive while at Redoubt Mountain Lodge. Lake Clark National Park and the Crescent River Valley have always been majestic places to experience truly remote Alaska; however, it will be the staff at Redoubt Mountain Lodge that will make your experience unforgettable. Please enjoy this brief introduction. Click HERE to for more information and pictures of each member of the RML Team.

Ryan & Heather Richards – As lodge managers their job duties have no limits. Tending to guests comfort, experience & safety is of the utmost importance and is reflected in the outstanding staff, equipment and attention to detail at Redoubt Mountain Lodge. RML is certainly much more than a job to Ryan & Heather, but rather a way of life.

Andrew Sells – Leading our ‘all-star’ guide roster, Andrew exemplifies everything a head guide should be. Whether it’s tales of volunteering on the Iditarod Trail, spending winters in the north country, narrowly avoiding Oklahoma tornadoes or just every day life, Andrew will keep you entertained. Andrew returns this season fully recovered from a “rouge” seagull injury sustained in 2011.

Danielle Hildebrand – Danielle is a specialist when it comes to creating a welcoming atmosphere. RML would not be the same without her creativity, kindness & mandolin melodies.

Amanda Passarino – Adding another beautiful smile to our hospitality crew, Amanda joins RML for her first season. Amanda’s personality, background and interests made for an obvious choice to make a great team that much better.

Josh Smith – Hailing from Lucernemines, PA…what, never heard of it? No worries, neither has anyone else. Regardless of where he is from, Josh was born to guide. A veteran of RML, we dare you to keep up with him. Pound-for-pound the strongest guide in Alaska!

Jess Dancer – aka: “Big Dance” & Andrew’s “Stunt Double”. During the off-season Jess can be found around the world demonstrating his picture perfect toe touches (no photoshop required). We haven’t concluded yet whether we found Jess or he found us, but one things for certain RML is lucky to have him as a guide…you will be, too.

Danny Cosgrove – Danny leaves eastern Oregon to join the RML staff for the 2012 season. Being his first year, we don’t have much “dirt” to share, just know he was selected from over 100 qualified applicants.

Tom Seward – After a 4-year guiding hiatus from RML, Tom is hanging up his engineer hat to return north. Attempting to describe his outdoor experience would be a futile effort, considering he was raised by Sasquatch on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Rest assured a day on the water with Tom will be hilariously memorable.

K’eyush & Charlie Richards – Saving the best for last…or at least the cutest. K’eyush & Charlie have exercised intense “off-season” training to build on their (already) fantastic paw speed, spins & tricks in preparation for the 2012 season. RML Lodge Security team will be awaiting your arrival (as well as the bears’).

To learn more about each staff member please click HERE. Let the countdown begin to your Alaskan Adventure…see you soon!


Ryan & Heather




K'eyush & Charlie

One thought on “Meet the Staff-2012

  1. Linda Welch and Al Ivanjack

    What a fabulous experience. The staff at Redoubt lodge have created the enviroment for you to have the best wilderness experience possisble. From the time they greet you at the float plane, to seeing your cabin, learning the rules, meeting your guide, meals and the view (that goes on and on for ever of mountains , glaciers, lake and blue skies) who could ask for more.
    Whether fishing in the lake or river, catch and release was a great experience. Seeing the wild animals are a plus, black bear, moose and eagles.

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