Right about now Mama Bear is sitting in her Santa’s chair welcoming all the cubs of the Crescent River Valley to sit on her lap and tell her what they want for Christmas. Besides maybe a turn in the new sauna or some left over salmon bits from our smoker, they can’t ask for too much more than what they received this past year. There was a historic number of Sockeye and Coho Salmon & hillsides of wild berries; plenty to fill their bellies for the long winter months. Most exciting, many of them had starring roles in the upcoming Redoubt Mountain Lodge “Movie”.Halfway through the summer RML welcomed Rick Dancer Media Services to capture a small portion of what we get to experience every day. If you have never visited us and are debating a vacation to Alaska, this video will assuredly seal the deal in your decision. If the guests’ excitement doesn’t whet your appetite then the sheer beauty of this area will. The crew filmed for a week giving breadth to the amount of activities offered here. Coming in January 2012, take a look at what nearly every guest says is the best vacation they have ever had. Click HERE for a sneak peek.

Of course, if you were to see the lodge now it would be unrecognizable under the caked layers of ice and snow. It is a beautiful time of year in which nature is preparing for the bounty that is to arrive once again during the summer. The newly born salmon from this year’s run are getting used to their new home, Crescent Lake, for the next two years before they make the journey to the ocean. The bears are dreaming of plump Salmon swimming the river banks and the eagles are nesting in their treetop lodges. The trails to the (now frozen) waterfalls surrounding the lodge would require ice skates and the once sun-kissed Crescent Lake looks like the world’s largest hockey rink.

The contrast in life could not be more pronounced than what it is right now. Once the spring hits and the 24-hour daylight arrives, the valley and lake turn back into nature’s paradise. Mama Bear will take off her Santa’s hat and the fun will resume for all those that visit us this coming year. For now, though, we want to wish you a very Happy Holiday season & a New Year of health, happiness & adventure!  We look forward to bringing life to everything you see in the video and what you have dreamed Alaska could be.


Mama bear with cub

Rick Dancer Media Services captures the adventure

Bald Eagle leaves its tree top perch

K'eyush awaits the bears' return

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  1. Barb

    I enjoyed reading your Holiday message. I am excited about our upcoming trip to RML in July 2012 and looking forward to a great vacation there!!

    Barb Koster

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