With Autumn knocking on our doorstep bringing crisp breezes and falling leaves, we are happy to see the ended Sockeye runs feeding the huge population of Brown Bears getting ready for hibernation. It has been wonderful to see a record number of bears ambling around, filling their bellies full of the spawning Reds. Each day boasts more and more bears coming to feast, the record to date is sixteen different bears seen before lunch. We are getting to see more regulars than ever before and the guides can usually tell you where certain bears will be at certain times of every day. Many sows with first year cubs have been out and about this season. The baby bears learning their survival skills on their siblings by wrestling and play biting. Our infamous mother son duo, Chuck and Cartman, have put on a fine show for many a guest by wrestling, playing with sticks and doing their spectacular diving for salmon that is a trait shared by them alone on the waters of the Crescent.

With the Sockeye runs ended, the Silvers have flooded in to dominate the waters. These fighters can be battling a fisherman within seconds on bait, dragging the pole tip down within an instant of being cast into the water. Joan Witter caught her limit of fish in 30 minutes, while her husband Dick, caught twelve Silvers on a fly rod in one afternoon. For those who practice the art of the fly, these Silvers are a perfect match to test your skills against. Dance a specially made, specifically named fly across the top of our glacier fed waters to snare their interest. Our guides also specialize in spey casting. Ron Sondrup came in to fly fish, but after being taught the specifics of the spey cast by our guide Adam, became hooked and preceded to do only Skagit spey casting till he left.

We have had many guests come in this season sampling all that we have to offer. Larry and JoAnn experienced just that; starting the day with a hike up to one of our waterfalls, bear viewing, fishing and then kayaking together around the lake to enjoy the views and sounds that one can only experience silently gliding around in our spectacular natural setting. Kayaking around the lake affords our guests a different way of being close to the water, folded into the landscape of the Alaskan wilderness. Our new pontoon boat has also added just one more way to be on the waters, enjoying the natural landscape. Many guests this season have ended their stay with an evening after dinner cruise around the lake, enjoying a beverage and bear viewing before saying fare well.

This season has so far been one of the best we have ever seen. The September weather has been bright and sunny, allowing the feel of Fall to settle beautifully around us. Guests have been relaxing on our large deck to soak up the Autumn sunshine with an Alaskan Amber or sitting out at our nightly campfire to enjoy some s’mores and chit chat. Here at Redoubt the day is yours, whether you choose to be active from morning to evening; or spend a leisurely day perusing your recently shot photos by a warm fire. Redoubt Mountain Lodge is a vacation sanctuary for everyone who comes to see us. Thank you to all our guests who have already been and welcome to those who are on their way. Have a great Fall!

Cartman with his catch

Casting for Silvers

Kayaking around Crescent Lake

Another beautiful evening at RML


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